June 2, 2005

What's In Sheep's Meadow: Xplory, Quinny Zapp, Bugaboos--and Skiphop

skiphop.jpgI took the kid to the park yesterday (my wife's been away for a conference, and I've been flying solo), and we played in Sheep's Meadow, which, on a weekday afternoon, should be renamed Baby's Meadow.

The kid didn't freak out over all the grass, but I started going into seizures over all the gear on parade:

  • There were more Frogs than at the end of Magnolia, most pushed by sitters, and a lot of Macs, of course. (I'd say Maclarens still outnumber Bugaboos 5:3 on the Upper East and West Sides.)
  • One mom was doing laps with a new Xplory, then she parked next to us. (Maybe I don't get out much, but I've only seen a handful in the wild. Had both storage bags stuffed. Said the Baby Bag/bassinet was on order.)
  • A British couple was driving a Zapp. (The first I've seen stateside. It really stands out.)
  • One thing that brought people together, though, was the Skiphop. It was easily the single most popular diaper bag around; most people had it hanging from the stroller handlebars where its slim profile almost disappears. There weren't that many solo dads, but it seemed like easily half the dads had one. Who knew? Like I said, I don't get out much.


    Did you spot any Dashes or Expos? Or was everyone still sporting Duos? I think the Dash & Expo are going to convert all the remaining Skip Hop-free parents pretty soon (I know it worked on me).

    Doesn't anyone ever get tired of comparing brand names of stuff? I mean, does everything in the world have to be some form of keeping up with the Jones's?

    Hi James, to answer your questions...

    Question #1: No!

    Question #2: Not exactly...more like, keeping one step ahead of the Jones's...

    I come from upstate NY (AKA Gracoland), I like standing out in the crowd...and have something well-made and functional to boot...

    tropha, please say you're joking about this. What is the obsession with spouting off the brand name of what you've bought? Does that somehow make you and/or your baby better? I'd rather be known for my personal achievements and my child's accomplishments than by what silly stroller I'm pushing him around in.

    Stand out in the crowd by who you are - not what you own.

    that's a whole lotta crap coming from someone reading/participating on this particular post.

    or this particular blog, for that matter. d'oh!

    My original point for mentioning this wasn't to say "look what's cool" or "you gotta have this or that," and it's certainly not to send the message that your gear somehow equates with your commitment or performance as a parent.

    If anything, it was just a reflection of my strollergearhead dorkiness, that when I get into a large concentration of stroller-pushers, I notice what people are driving. That's right: I keep up with the Joneses so you don't have to.

    But I don't want to pretend to be naive about this, either. Until the revolution comes, and we all cobble together our own strollers from the liberated Bentleys of the deposed hiphopcracy, people will use things like brand, and popularity and ubiquity and mainstreamness as decision factors for their purchases.

    In such a world, the fact that a Stokke Xplory is still rare enough that people stop the mom on the street to ask about it seems like a useful piece of information. Just don't make it TOO useful.

    First, to XIO - what does THAT have to do with anything? I happened across this blog as a new dad and posted a comment. Newsflash - that's what blogs are for, particularly those that invite public comment.

    Second, to Greg - fair enough. I agree with you to some extent, although I'm not a person who notices brand names unless someone points them out to me. Usefulness is my number one criteria in buying something, second would be price. But we're in agreement that owning a brandnamed item is not something that needs to be considered a status symbol.

    So James based on your comments we should realize you push a What?...

    (Without getting into the name-brand fray between the previous posters) my wife and I just received a Bugaboo Cameleon shipped from my in-laws in Germany. It seems well built and it sure looks cool. I am under no illusion that as long as the kid is comfortable, she doesn't care whether you are pushing a Cameleon or some lesser brand. The only reason for a fancy stroller is for the parents. There is nothing wrong with wanting/buying nice, expensive things. For those who would judge me for having an expensive stroller, I could not care less.

    I really think we are looking too hard at this type of pasttime...because let's face-it, having an affinity for funky/different/advanced strollers is a HOBBY...nothing more...

    No different than people who cherish their prized high end model train, or polish their classic car...there are brand names involved in those hobbies too...and high costs...

    And if someone should turn their head and ask us to answer some questions about our hobby while we are out for a stroll, so be it. We like it. Just like the classic car driver loves people turning their heads to check out the ride...

    I agree..it's a hobby..

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