April 25, 2005

Want a gay son? Moby suggests soy milk

I hope for Moby's future son's sake, he is gay, because otherwise, the kid'll grow up with all these expectations he can't meet that are put on him by his parents and society; he'll feel all different inside and wonder if there's something wrong with him; he'll get teased by other kids in the GLSEN meetings in high school; and then in college, after a drunken encounter with some Chi Omega chick, he'll come to the stinging realization that, in fact, he's straight, and he'll have to find a way to come out to his dad, while worrying that his dad'll be disappointed in him.

Or maybe all the soy milk will have an effect. Because after all, vegans and the Chinese are all gay, right?

Moby wants gay son[worldnetdaily, via towleroad]

updated link: Moby doesn't want son to be a gay-bashing mook. [planetout]

[update: You know what, those WorldNetDaily people piss me (and many of you) off. Surprise, surprise, they took Moby's quote about gay babies and soy milk totally out of context. In fact, the larger context is Moby telling about getting gay-bashed, and it rightly condemns meathead heteros and their bigoted, violence-fostering worldview. Moby's actual point, I think, is that he doesn't want his kid growing up to be a gaybasher. To WorldNetDaily fans and editors, I say, cast the beam out of your own eye first, folks. Day-um.]


Judging by his quotes in the article, I can't decide if Moby must own too many or too few copies of "Free to Be You and Me".
And does anyone else think there was some strange foreshadowing featuring Michael Jackson in that show?

Hey, we own a copy of Free To Be You And Me. And my wife drinks soy milk ... but it is okay, she drinks regular milk sometimes, too...

To think my husband only wants our daughter to be gay b/c he'd prefer no child of his to date men. He really needs to have more of an agenda behind it if it's going to work. His tactic has been to buy her boy's clothes, preferably flannel shirts and overalls and play her the Indigo Girls and other performers from Lillith Fair.

Moby is being facetious because the anti-gay position is so farcical. There are people who will read his comments and take him literally because they really believe you can do things to make a child gay.

Have you priced soy milk lately? It's expensive. You could save yourself a lot of money just by buying your own toaster.

It is a lot cheaper than the nutramigen the baby drinks...

Our local store brand is pretty cheap, and organic, too.

Facetious? So I can let me wife drink soy milk again??

WorldNetDaily? Please!

Gah, my daddy blogging and my political blogging worlds colide. Worldnetdaily can only be considered a news sources insomuch as they use words that appear in a format that looks like an article.

What? Just because they were wrong about the date for The Rapture. three times...

Some of take that Rapture business seriously buddy.

How many times will the neighbors put up with me setting out the lawn chairs and the beer cooler and waiting for the end of the world before they call the cops?

I wonder if the ultimate in kharma would be for Moby's kid to grow up to be a pro-wrestler.

what, you mean a gay meathead?

I agree with Moby. Literally. I'd much prefer a gay child. Too bad we don't have the recipe for making fetuses gay yet. As shown in the book "Soul Beneath the Skin," gay men take better care of their parents in their old age, give more to charities, take better care of their siblings and friends, cost less to insure, are far less inclined towards violence, and tend to raise more polite children when they have kids. The only down-side of having a gay son is that gay men make less money than straight men since there are still MANY workplaces that will only allow you to rise so high up if you are gay (and honest about it), and since marriages of gay couples are still only legally recognized in Massachusetts, gay men get screwed out of more than a thousand financial benefits that straight men get.

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