April 19, 2005

Pottymouth T-shirts for Punk(ers') Babies

With slogans like "I'm just here for the welfare checks" and "I started as an orgasm," (and those are the ones you can show Grandma) PottyMouth˘ (don't forget the "˘") is meant to be an in-your-face alternative to dressing your kid as your Mini-me, or in ubiquitous Gap clonewear.

It's supposed to be authentic punk-for-babies, but how you keep it out of the hands of poseurs and trailer trash is beyond me.

Or maybe I'm missing the point. One of the founders of PottyMouth˘, aself-consciously edgy ad agency guy in Venice, explained the company's market this way: "There is an equal number of people who find them entertaining, mostly males, and buy them for their expecting friends as jokes as their are people who take the effort to tell us how wrong we are. Even if babies could read, the truth is, nobody has to actually put them on their kids, they just have to buy them."

Which you can do at the PottyMouth˘ website, for $20 each [pottymouthshop.com, via coolhunting]
Behing the idea: PottyMouth˘ [BlogFonk]


..speaking of punk for babies, we got a couple of onesies.. oops, I mean, uh, whatever the non-trademarked term is (sorry, Greg, hope this doesn't get you in trouble again).. from my brother and sister in law, including my favorite, the flaming teddy bear... not sure what the daycare provider thinks of them when we dress the wee one in them... she hasn't told us not to bring her back yet, so...

We could call them 1zzzzzzzzzzzzz

One of our best purchases when we were on vacation in SF was a Ramones T-shirt for the boy. It is beyond cool.

There's an interesting article on clever baby t-shirts here.

I could mention some problems with the article, but Hello Josephine does it way better.

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