February 2, 2005

A Suggested Dictionary of Pregnant Vomiting

Men, it is your job to read this first, if only to determine in advance the probability that it will cause a pregnant woman near you to start hurling. If that probability is high, then pass the link along and get out of the way. Otherwise, enjoy this over your morning breakfast table.

At The Morning News, once pregnant Jenell Williams Paris has put together the seeds of a dictionary of vomit based, in part, on the theory that "pregnant women and other frequent hurlers could, perhaps, elicit more sympathy and care were they to more clearly explain what they are vomiting." An excerpt from the food-refusal vomiting entry:

If you are experiencing bouts of food-refusal vomiting, it is wise to choose foods based on the ease of vomiting them later. Granola, for example, is dry and sharp, while cheerios are mild and smooth. Tomato-based soups produce burning hot acid, yet clear soups swim upstream like salmon.

New Ways To Lose Your Lunch


Hastily eaten hotdogs are not much fun either.

even if they ARE highly identifiable

And often re-digestible!


Cherry Jello is the BEST. lol

True story, my buddy was at a party during the winter once and got way to drunk on strawberry daiquiris (it was winter, he was young and couldn't afford the trip to somewhere warm). On the way out he got sick into the snow. Due to the drunken state of everyone else and the start red on snow effect someone called an ambulance because it was felt he had thrown up blood.

This story has nothing to do with parenting or being pregnant, I just was bored.

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