December 16, 2004

Maclaren Volo On Sale at Buy Buy Baby??

Wow, the Maclaren Volo, the spare, lightweight, mesh folding stroller we've almost bought a dozen times, is on sale at for $79.99! That's $20 off! Let's see, with $15.00 for ground shipping, that's a whole $5 less than buying it in the store, and you only have to wait 7-10 days!

God bless ye merry elves of the new economy.

What's that, carbon, the color you wanted anyway, is $69.99? OK, I'll reel my sarcasm in halfway. But I think I'm still holding out for a Quinny Zapp.


Get the Zapp now. Its a little heavy, but works great. also has the Volo for $79.99 (carbon and pale blue only), with free shipping. Target also has the accessory pack for $39.99 (free shipping), which is cheaper than I've seen in elsewhere.

We went with the Triumph, though, which our toddler likes even more than we do.

It's on sale because the Silver Cross lightweight one (Micro, or something like that) is kicking its ass on the streets. Same weight and style, but comes with the seat pad, hood, and rain shade, all for $100. You still have to buy the accessory pack for the Volo, so even discounted you're paying more for the total Volo experience than for the Silver Cross.

I swear it's true. You can stop other toddler parents on the street and ask them.

The Volo for 2005 is actually going to come with the accessory pack. Of course it now costs $99.99 instead....

These prices have been available on the Maclaren Web site for a while now. And, they shipped pretty cheaply, too.

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