November 1, 2004

Quinny Zapp: 'Size Does Matter'

I can just picture Quinny world headquarters, where three shifts of Dutch researchers in white coats open and close strollers around the clock...with circa 2000 dance music blaring over the corporate campus PA system. [More on that later.]

The Zapp is billed as "the smallest buggy ever made," by which they mean "smallest when it's folded up." At 6kg, it weighs about as much as any lightweight Maclaren (like the Quest or the Volo, for example), but it folds down shorter and tighter to fit "on a bike or in a car's footwell." Sounds impressive.

Like the Buzz, the Zapp rides above a 3-wheeled base, with free-swivel front tires. And also like the Buzz, it holds a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat. [Note: this should surprise nobody in Europe, at least; Maxi-Cosi and Quinny are two brands of Dorel, the international juvenile products conglomerate. Quinny turns out to be merely an elaborate Maxi-Cosi delivery device.]

International conglomerate or not, Quinnys aren't sold in the US, but the Zapp seems small enough to carry on the plane, so go crazy.

Check out the Quinny Zapp site. They're remarkably scarce online, but one Dutch retailer, Baby Store Outlet, lists them for Ä169,-.


I've never been a fan of 3-wheeled strollers, they seems to topple-over when taking a fast corner. But is seems like the Dutch stroller wars are really heating up. Now there is Quinny, Bugaboo and Mutsy ( all with great innovative products. The latest strollers from Quinny and Mutsy (freerider model) make the Bugaboo look like a Ford Taurus, equalling Peg Perego with a Fiat or Yugo status. I will definitely check out the Quinny Zap on my next visit to Holland.

Sadly, both Quinny and Mutsy (my personal favorite) completely eschew the US Market). Iíve gone back and forth with everybody I can find at both organizations and neither will grant me (or anybody in the US) the privilege of selling their products to my customers. I beg anybody else who pines for fine Dutch engineering to write to these companies and express your consternation.

Quinny can be bought in the USA, at least some of it. Dreamtime Baby sells the Quinny Freestyle 3 Wheel Jogging Stroller, so perhaps they may sell the rest in their retail store?

A limited number of the Freestyle 3 & 4 were brought into the US for a "major retailer" - but the whole thing was scrubbed and that inventory is in discounters all over the country now. You can actually get some really good deals on them. I have been told that there are no plans to bring in any further Quinny's.

What currency symbol is that? Is it euros, kroners or guilders?

I ordered one today. It will be here next week. Ill send pictures. BTW, it includes adapters for the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio (which I also got after seeing it here).

The Zapp is very cool...A lot heavier than I thought it would be...Wife may want to stick with snap-n-go, but I'll definitely be using it. Several friends already ordering theirs since they saw mine...

I'm in Spain and I bought the Zapp, is great.-

The Zapp looks great, but one point: where do you put the shopping? There appears to be no shopping basket, so even though the Mclaren Volo is more conventional, it beats the Zapp hands down on carrying shopping. If anyone can figure out how the Zapp can do this I'm all ears.

UK Distributor told me via email: "We don't actually do a shopping basket with the Quinny Zapp and at the moment we are not planning on having one."

Wow, I never looked at Mutsy before. I would have totally gotten that instead of the bugaboo. Nice and simple.

If you are in the US and want a Quinny Zapp, go to - search for quinny zapp. A dutch trader who's ebay name is radeters sells to the US by auction and 'Buy it Now'.

I am looking for a double stroller, something to replace our bugaboo now that we are having a second baby, any suggestions on a nice double stroller?

A nice double stroller - I like the look of one of the Musty's which allows a double setup (very versatile). I think it is the urban rider. It looks pretty good.

I am in Australia, and the only decent double pram available to us is the Phil & Ted E3 (which I have and love). Phil & Ted should be available worldwide.

Websites below.

Could someone pleeeease post something about the Mutsy Freerider? I'm tossing up between that, the Quinny Buzz & the Bugaboo cameleon.

There is so much written about the bugaboo, and not much on the Freerider. Please Help!!!

Does anyone know if the Mutsy Freestyle holds the Maxi-Cosy car seat?

Couple questions
Is the bugaboo chameleon already available overseas? When will it be available in the US?

Also can the mutsy be found in the US?

I live in Massachusetts and just purchased the Quinny Zapp. Awesome!

As for help with shopping. I purchased a stroller bag and attached it to the body of the stroller. It's a net so doesn't allow for super heavy items and therefore won't tip the stroller. For more items, I use a bicycle bag -- the type that attaches to a bike rack with velcro -- to the bottom of the stroller and it works well. Again, no problem with safety to the stroller or baby.

Cameleon is available in Amsterdam. My friend just shipped it to me from over there. Is awesome. i think the seat and pram are bigger than the Bugaboo which is good.

Yes!! The Mutsy free-rider does hold the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio car seat. Hope that helps Brent

hi: i'm looking for the quinny zapp and the maxi cosi car seat.
i'm in the u.s can anybody tell me how much you ended up paying with shipping and so on.thank you.


I am also in the U.S. (Mass) looking for a Quinny Zapp and a Maxi Cosi car seat. Can anyone who has one tell me how they would feel using this stroller over rough and bumpy city streets? What I'm worried about is losing a wheel and not being able to easily replace it since they are only available in Europe. Also, where is the best place online to buy a Maxi Cosi car seat?

What a pity these strollers aren't distributed in the US. We can thank George Bush and his band of thugs for that.
However, a few enterprising eBayers in the UK and Netherlands are selling these online, and the shipping works out to be under $50 with insurance.


Jazzguy, Quinny's North American strategy of selling only in Canada is probably one of the few things that "George Bush and his thugs" don't have to answer for.

But if you have intelligence (untwisted and unforged, naturally) that shows otherwise, you go right ahead and connect those dots.

To those wanting information about the Mutsy Freerider...

I received My Mutsy Freerider Yesterday and /have taken it for a spin today. I plan to place a report on dadytypes as I finish this email. The contents will be the same as I give to you (unless there is something you mention that I have forgotten).
Firstly, the Freerider is so easy to use. The folding and unfolding mechanism is user-friendly. There is one mechanism for unfolding (two red switches on either side of the frame), which you hold onto, and it unfolds without any additional struggle from the user.
To fold, you hold onto the button which extends the handle( four positions for the tall peson, or the girl in heels!) and there is an additional lever, which you pull and the whole thing collapses with out much difficulty. Furthermore, it folds without removing the seat unit. Handy. You just need to know how to make to foot rest straight (not difficult) to be able to make the unit as compact as possible when it is folded.
Having said that, the unit does look quite large, as the pneumatic tyres are at the front. But as most strollers have the tyres at the back, it is easily deceivable. The tyres are easily removed, as long as you release the (disc) brakes cable. The instructions for assembly donít mention this, and It at first seemed to be difficult. Having worked out the problem, it became a breeze.
The seat itself I had noticed in other forums was difficult to understand. I didn't find this. Press a button, and pull the seat in the required direction, and the seat was where it was required. The easily removable canopy has a plastic window, so if you want to look at your sleeping baby, it allows you to do so easily. My bub thought this was great (Iíd call to her and she'd look happily though the window). The installation of the seat unit is easy. hands on both L + R switches, and it glides out. It is equally easy to notice if the seat unit is installed correctly. If any red shows below the switches, you need to press on them to get them in the right place. (it is less complicated than it sounds.)
Installing the footmuff is slightly more complicated (the safely harness needs to be place through the base of the footmuf, which takes a while) nut once it is in, there is no need for further complications. Having said that, It is not complicated, it just takes a few moments. If you are using one for your outing, you need to make sue that you allow 2-5 minutes to be able to do so (mind you, I've only tried it once, and it is bound to become easier each tine it is used.) The incomer fits over easily, and has a zip feature allowing the baby to not be covered when you enter a shopping centre.
My only difficulty in with the steering. As it is back wheel pivot, it feels at first as though you need to use your whole body to turn the buggy. I'm positive, though that it is only something that one needs to become accustomed to.
All in all, I am super impressed. As long as you have adequate space to store it in, or if you are using a car, that your boot space is large enough (It fits in a hatch back relatively easily, provided you are requiring it to fit in a Citroen C2 - the C3 it can fit on its side. We tested these at the local dealer to see if our holiday rental car (C2) was suitable)
the back pack was difficult to attach to the seat unit, uintil I realized if I put my hand through the inside of the pack as I am attaching it. There is always a knack, and this is the knack required. The freerider as a whole is so user friendly, I'd toughly recommend it. Having said that(again!) the back pack also has two clips that allows the pack to be attached to the handle bars, which solves all problems. There is few baby back pack in the market that have this ability.

All in all, I love it. No argument really. It's different, amd stylish. If there was no space in my apartment, I might think differently...

I am desperately seeking a website that would ship a mutsy duo seat to the US, I purchased the mutsy urban rider from ebay, now all I need is the duo seat. Please help, does anyone know any websites that would ship mutsy strollers to the US?
Thanks for all your help,

Does anyone have the pecs for the Mutsy Freerider ? Dimensions folded etc.


Hi! I have the Mutsy urban rider and it's great! I have the mutsy car seat which is one of only two available in the UK which completely lie flat which is great for small babies as they are usually asleep! It is so easy to fit to the chassis and comes with a warm cover which makes it look stylish and keeps baby cosy!

I am starting to use the pram seat now which is both forward and rear facing, so as baby is small he can still see me but when older can look the other way. I have it in beige which is a new colour and think it's fab - every time I go out I see envious looks and get lots of comments asking where I got it - I love the steering too, can do it one handed and feels so easy - definitely reccommend it!

For all you lovely Americans wanting to indulge yourself in Euro Kinderwagons then check out

This fabulous German shop will quote for shipping anywhere in the world and has the up to date selection of Quinny and Mutsy (including the fantastic freerider - makes the Bugaboo look so last season).

I'd highly recommend the freerider and funseat with beach bag for anybody wanting to look stylish by the sea.

The prices are highly competitive and the website is clear, easy to navigate and IN ENGLISH!


[I guess North America is so last season, too: "We ship in every country in the world, except United Staates and Canada." -ed.]

we bought the quinny zapp from because they were the cheapest when we looked on the net. We went for the orange one and it is REALLY bright!!! We're now looking for the footmuff and we're surprised to find that the footmuff is around 1/2 the price of the buggy itself. Still, we like the way the top can be completely zipped off. We do find the buggy quite fiddly to fold and open, but we love the size and would recommend it. It isn't great to load lots of shopping on, like our Jane pushchair which was great when our daughter was younger.

We just received a Quinny Zapp. Some friends brought it back from Portugal. We love this stroller. It looks unique. I live in Southern California and I haven't seen anyone else who has one. Also, it handles so well--it rides smoothly. You can push it with one hand. Also, we were worried that this would maneuver like our Baby Jogger--you have to turn by pushing down on the handle and actually lift the front wheel. But the Zapp front wheel swivels. Its really great. Our five year old can push it. I was worried that it would be too heavy, but its fine. Our other stroller is a Maclaren Techno XT. And its about the same weight. If you're baby is old enough to sit up, this would a great second stroller.

I bought the Quinny.Its fun to push but I think i'm going to sell it because of the uncomfortable for my son to sleep in because of the sit is not recline.I live in Finland.

Used it just for 3 months.
For those who are interested just email me.

I am going to buy the Mutsy 3 rider my husband loves it and is willing to buy it for me in the next few days.We are also getting the funseat with beach bag and the foot muff.I will be one of the few people with one since i havent really seen anyone with it here where i live in Germany.
I have a Blue Zapp and I love it to pieces it is so easy to manuever and small perfect for traveling on airplanes or anywhere else.I only wish it had a basket under it but i would never sell it for that reason.When i went home to visit my family in Boston everyone was really digging the Zapp as I walked around the mall.Its great to have something diffrent.
I almost purchased a stokke,luckily i found the Mutsy it is definitely a better investment

I am narrowing down my search for the perfect stroller for me/baby. I am really liking the options and look of the Jane Slalom 3 wheeled Travel system. It is coming close to the price of a Bugaboo Cameleon. Has anyone any experience with the Jane?

I am considering either the Mutsy 3Rider or FreeRider. Having a hard time deciding if I will like rear wheel steering on FreeRider... Any comments from present owners or someone that has demo'd both?

Also, has anyone bought either the travell car seat or the safe to go? Wondering preference here and if they have 5 point harness?

does anyone have the double mutsy? know nothing about this- can you interchange 1 & 2 seats? price range? we're in US and cant find the perfect double which would be a one child and 2 child system like phil&Ted but I dont like limited view and low seat of phil&ted. help

I have a Jane jogger for twins, model Powertwin which I'm using for a toddler (2,5) and a 6 months old baby. I really like it, it's very easy to steer and pretty compact when folded. So I guess a single jogger from Jane would be a good choice (probably much better than some popular strollers eg. Quinny Buzz, which was a huuuge disappointment for me and I can't wait to get rid of it!) I was a huge Quinny/Maxi-Cosi fan but all of their products that I was using (the older jogger type, named Speedi, then Buzz and Zapp) proved to be less than I've expected. Materials they are using are of high quality (even for a nuance better than of Jane models), their design is very inovative and yet in real life situations they do not live up to their fame (and price!) I can't wait to try the new Mutsy Spider and see if the Mutsy people were able to overcome the Zapp disadvantages (only one sitting position, no shopping tray...).
And to come back to where I have started - the only disadvantage of Jane's so far - limited space for a toddler if he/she is sitting on the front seat (which cannot be fully reclined). Maybe this works better if s toddler is on the back seat and a baby is at front, in a car seat/carrier...

You folks might know - I'm in Canada and it looks like the only decent car seats we can get here are the Peg Perego and Graco (stretching the word decent). No Maxi-Cosi. So, big Q, any ideas if the Peg or Graco will go in the Quinny Zapp? I've asked at a few retailers and they all said that you can't get a car seat in the Zapp, which seems odd, as I've seen the pics. I'm wondering if it's something with Canadian regulations - I hear today the Britax seats are expected to be cleared for import by March, so there could be truth in that.
The Bugaboo, which you can get here (for arm & leg) has an adapter for either the peg or graco seat.
The lack of car seat option is the only obstacle preventing me buying the zapp as the price here just dropped by a good chunk.
Thanks for any info

..Sorry, I meant the Buzz - all thesee namess beginn to soundd the samee afterr a whilee
Can you fit the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat in the Buzz or only the maxi-cosi cabrio that I can't find in Canada?

Hey Ivy,
I've checked out the Mutsy's previosly & realy liked the quality yet the Urban Rider was just to big to fit in my Ibiza. Please tell us more about the Mutsy Spyder couldn't find it anywhere on their website?

Here is a link to a Mutsy Spider on ebay

It's in german. Doesn't appear to recline, but has a shopping basket of sorts.

Just found another link, it does recline! and also has a complete push bar, not the two handled type. This would make it much easier to steer.

The hoood is removeable.

The Mutsy-Spyder can now be had from for 159euros without the vat not a half bad deal if u ask me...

Quinny Zapp shopping baskets are now available via - do search for Quinny Zapp and they will appear...

Just bought a Zapp in the UK for holiday travelling to supplement our excellent, yet slightly bulky Chicco CT01 buggy - so far so good!

I'm having twins in a couple of months and am looking for some double stroller recommendations. I live in Brooklyn in a 3rd floor walk up (not to mention the subway) so weight is an issue. I have a McClaren Techno for my 3 year old, so I was leaning toward the double Techno. But I'm intrigued by the 2007 Zooper Tango. Any thoughts?

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