October 13, 2004

MUST READ: The Unhip Parent Manifesto

Brian hits it out of the park with his scathingly conscientious response to the Mary Elizabeth William's weary hipster parent essay in last week's NY Observer. I know it sounds disingenuous coming from a guy who flogs $800 strollers, but this is a must-read perspective.

What resonated with me the most is that kids are not Mini-me's, they're their own people, with their own personalities. And if some of them happen to be born to cool-chasing parents, well, those parents just have that much more to overcome to fulfill their responsibilities.

Square: The Unhip Parent's Manifesto [Being Daddy]
Beyond Pollock-spotting: Kids in the City [Observer in DT]


That was great -- thanks for linking. Are you going to add beingdaddy to your list of blogs?

Great response by Brian.

I think this fellow should lighten up. Mary Beth's piece was humorous, largely at her own expense, and took half the time (and one third the slogging effort) to read as his self-referential and sanctimonious screed in response. He even worked in all the ways he still thought he was oh-so-hip and tatooed and non-television allowing even while putting down anyone who would use hipness as a parenting value. Ahhh, get a life. (Probably means getting back out of Jersey, though.)

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