July 27, 2004

Wipe Warmer? How about a wipe cooler?

A friend in Minneapolis with a brand new kid calls his favorite nursery appliance--a wipe warmer--as "a sort of crock pot for wet fragrant tissue. It is awesome. It seems to cut the indignity of diaper changing, from the baby's perspective, by at least half. Especially late at night."

I guess you might need something like this in Minnesota, but seriously, what kind of wimp generation are we raising here? What I'd like to see is a diaper wipe cooler, something to keep them refreshingly chilled for a hot, humid summer day. You could, for example, store them in the fridge.

Use your cold wiping power wisely, young jedi, so that you don't get peed on, or so that your kid doesn't go and write a book.

The frivolous among you can get the Ultimate Wipes Warmer for $21.99 at Babies R Us/Amazon.


We own one but not this particular brand. You need to be somewhat careful to keep a little water in the bottom, otherwise it'll burn the wipes on the bottom of the stack. :-)

Or, you could simply hold the wipe in your hand for a second before using it.

I live in Florida and will be squeezing out a kid any day now. I've had about (no joke) 10 people tell me I should really get a wipe warmer because they're so great, blah blah blah.
My response: It's currently 95 degrees outside with about 85% humidity. My entire HOUSE is a wipe warmer.

You must have one of these if your child wakes up in the middle of the night - I, for one, want the child to go back to sleep after the diaper changing...and not using an icy-cold wipe is key...It's for MY convienence, not his.

Frivilous my hiney! [heh. -ed.] These things are great for warming up the wipe so it doesn't wake them further (when changing at night) - and during the winter to make the whole "Im a dad and changing a diaper" experience a lot more pleasant. Plus, while Im (still within reach) taking care of the dirty diaper, it gives the baby somethign to mess with (flaps, buttons). Perhaps not as usable in the summer - a must have for the winter.
Now frivelous for us was a BOTTLE WARMER - never used it - just added warm tap water instead.


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