June 1, 2004

Staying Cool with a Baby Bjorn

"Papooses are hot"? Papooses are sweltering.

The Baby Bjorn may be Sweden's gift to enlightened parenthood, but it's pretty obvious these things were designed by someone living above the Arctic Circle.

What I could use is a low-gear-quotient, hands-free way to carry the kid that:

  • doesn't feel like I've got a nuclear reactor strapped to my chest,
  • doesn't create giant baby-shaped sweat stains (yes, it's sweat; I checked.)
  • keeps me looking my sexy best.

    If no one has any ideas, I'll be forced to raid the breast pump bag for cold-gel packs to stuff in my shirt.

    Buy a Baby Bjorn carrier, in heat-aborbing black, from Babies R Us. Or check out "every baby carrier made" at baby slingmaker Mammasmilk.com.


    check out hiphammock.com. it's a "cool" alternative.

    Go for a sling; I used one when my son was a newborn during a summer heatwave. Snugli has a good model for newborns. Yeah, you'll still sweat, but less than you would with the Bjorn, and it's definitely more infant-friendly.

    I used one of the backpacks as soon as my son could keep his head straight. He loves it... And he's not pressed up against me adding to the heat...

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