April 29, 2004

Ask yourself, do you want a Bugaboo because...

...it's "The Range Rover of strollers"?
...it's "The Hummer of strollers"?
...it's "the Mercedes of infant and toddler transportation"?
...it's "like driving a BMW, if you know what I mean"?
...it's that stroller from Sex and The City?
...Julianne Moore has one?
...Noah Wyle has one?
...David Duchovny has one?
...George Stephanopoulos has one?

Then you are a chump, and I will make you a t-shirt that says, "I am a chump," which you can wear when you're curled up in bed, putting post-it notes in your latest issue of Us Weekly.

No, get a Bugaboo because it handles like a racecar and kicks other strollers butts. Traveling Tikes has them, and offers free shipping. Plus, it's where David Duchovny got his. Or you can break with the pack and get it at babystyle instead, you rebel.


You don't have trackbacks on but I posted my comment and thoughts back on my own blog...


(If you enabled them, It would in theory populate an excerpt here.)

My wife & I actually went to our local Baby's Room to look at a Zooper. She was ready to buy one online but - knowing it weighed 30+ lbs - I wanted her to handle and fold one. We saw the Bugaboo, felt how light it was, saw its many features and how compactly it folded and were hooked, despite it being 2x what we had planned to spend.

I admit, I love gadgets and instantly loved its look. We also liked that it doesn't look plasticky, like so many we see, and that we won't need to buy more than one stroller. FYI: After ordering our Frog, I came Home and made a price comparison with several other 'Designer' strollers and found, after add the carrycot and other things included with the Bugaboo, most of these other strollers end up costing approx. the same price as the Bugaboo.

Your website actually convinced my husband, who then had to work a few months at persuading me (price being the only hang-up).

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