April 25, 2004

Desperate Advice from a New Mom in Tribeca

A couple of months before the kid was born, I took my gym bag to a lunch meeting in Tribeca. I wanted to check out the new Equinox there because--well, maybe mid-afternoon is when the stars work out.

Actually, it's when the moms work out. There was a veritable showroom of Maclaren strollers in the lobby (valet stroller parking?), which I was staring at just as four young moms came down the stairs. Just trying to figure out which one to get, I said, a comment which set off a rapidfire discussion among them. Brake problems, just fine for the subway, how old is your baby? Oh, when is it due? Your first?

At that moment, an urgent look came over one woman's face, and with an intensity that silenced her friends, she looked me right in the eye: "Go out every night!"

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