April 11, 2004

Strollers for Tall Guys

One of the best pieces of advice I got for buying a stroller was to make sure it fit me. Most strollers, it seems, are designed with a mom as the primary user.

If you're taller than the average woman's height (I'm 6'1"), test drive a stroller to make sure you can push it while standing straight up; you don't want to be leaning over a stroller for the next four years+.

Some strollers to check out:
Evenflo Portabout stroller, in Telluride, image: amazon.comBugaboo Frog: Designed by some dads for everyone, and it rocks. Smoothly. We got ours online at the very 90's-era-sounding Luxury Living Channel, which stocks all the colors, offers free shipping, and now has a low price guarantee. Of course, I make some coin of you buy it from babystyle, so take your pick.

One downside: loaded, it's a little heavy for the wife or the grandma to carry up stairs. ["Ok, ladies, windsprints!"]

Evenflo PortAbout 5 Premier [image at left via Babies R Us]: A 6'4" dad we know loves theirs, in part because of the single-hand navigation. I'm sure the four cupholders have nothing to do with it.

Maclaren Techno ($299)
: The stroller many urbanites swear by (and others swear at; earlier models had notorious brake problems) has height-adjustable handles. Plus, the Bugaboo makes the Techno look cheap, even though it's not.

Hauck Mini-Star M330: A rugged-looking 3-wheeler, also with height-adjustable handles. Haven't seen it in the US, though; just the UK. And expensive; maybe Hauckers are laughing at Americans who think Maclaren is the bomb.

Other strollers to look at or avoid?


i agree the evenflo portabout 5 premier..is great!
my husband and i are first time parents and love it. single hand navigation, 4 cup hoolders, a mirror and change holder..more storage than you'll ever need, a large bag holder below...and snack tray for the child. the neutral green and khaki color is what attracted us at first..we didnt like all the other strollers which were mostly pastels and would get dirtier faster.
this one is a nice material that wipes of easily...or if it stains you can't see it as easily...thus, making it last longer and look nicer!


I tried the Inglesina Zippy 2006 and it's the only $300 range stroller for my long legs. The bar is set up higher, so my feet can reach underneath on forward strides. It doesn't drive like the Bugaboo, but maybe you can spend your $500 on some massages. The new Bugaboo Chameleon is amazing, with a super extending handle that goes so far it looks like it might come in handy if baby started really screaming at you and you needed to stay far away to stay cool. But seriously, the handle is awesome for those with a long stride. If you've ever kicked your toes against the bar or basket on other strollers, you would love the Chameleon.

The Quinny Buzz has adjustable handles (tall enough for us and we're 6'0" and 6'3") and is slightly cheaper than the Bugaboo with similar design appeal. We loved ours initially but have needed some repairs and problems with steering becoming stiff. However, ours has gone through about two dozen long-haul flights which didn't do it any favors...ouch. It is on the heavy side as well. We've just seen the Chicco Cortina Extreme and the handle height was unreal (husband's arms were just shy of a 90 degree angle). The design is a bit blah but OK for the price and collapsing it was a breeze.

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