November 23, 2011

It's Time To Start The Music, I Guess


I guess the Statler and Waldorf in me wanted to find out that Disney's hyperstrategic, multichannel, virally optimized, monetizational, Gen X parent-targeted Muppets reboot had all built up to a tone-deaf, Alvin & The Chipmunks-style dud of a movie. But that does not appear to be the case. Which is nice. I guess we'll take the kids to see this instead of Hugo this weekend.

Mathowie on the Muppets: "pitch perfect harmless goofball style of 70s Henson."

UPDATE: Surely he can't mean me; I haven't seen it yet!


Jason Avant on the Muppethaters: "Somewhere in America, there is a miserable stone-hearted bastard..."

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Guess i'm stone-hearted... I hated it.

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