December 15, 2009

50 Million Roman Shades Recalled In A Day

roman_blind_strangled_abc.jpgWow, and I thought the crib recall was epic. The CPSC has issued the biggest recall ever. Basically every Roman and roll-up blind and shade on the market, 50 million units at least, are being recalled because they pose a strangulation hazard to children. The CPSC has reports of 16 blind-related strangulations, including 5 deaths, since 2006.

The Window Covering Safety Council, the JPMA of the Roman blinds industry, has prepared a repair kit of some kind, which I'm sure will be available in a wide array of beautiful finishes to match your decor. Or maybe it's just a gigantic sticker that says, "DON'T PUT ME NEAR A CRIB," I don't know. We just painted all our windows over with lead paint.

Window Covering Safety Council Recalls to Repair All Roman and Roll-Up Blinds Due to Risk of Strangulation []
50 Million Blinds Recalled Following Child Deaths []

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As if that's not bad enough, this You Tube video showing how kids are killed by "child-safe" mini-blinds was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. In the living room! A few feet away from his mom!

We're moving next week into a new house that comes with mini-blinds, and they'll be coming down immediately. Curtains it is. I'm sure the CPSC will recall blinds soon, and the recall of every apartment mini-blind in the country would make this one look like a warm-up.

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