November 25, 2008

Ikea Store Ikeahack? Play Kitchen Made From Something Else

When I snapped this photo of the tight little play kitchen in front of the ballroom at the Elizabeth City, NJ Ikea store, I assumed I'd just hop online and find the cabinet components and a play kitchen accessory pack. But no.

These nearly cube-shaped cabinet modules are about 18-20", just the right height for kids. Any idea what they are?

update like 10 minutes later: Wow, that was fast. I was waiting to call the store when it opened at 10:00, but Melissa from Ikea's US office emailed to say those are VATTERN bathroom cabinets outfitted with a food prep bowl and some kitchen hardware. The oven door's still a mystery, though. Thanks!

Meanwhile, in other Play kitchen hacked from Ikea news, Ohdeedoh recently posted one mom's $50 solution, which starts with a RAST bedside table and a few bits of 1/4-inch ply.


Also, from a now-lost 2005 Windsor Peak forum post, comes a play kitchen made from IVAR shelving. Inventive, if you have extraneous IVAR lying around and like the shipping palette aesthetic, you're golden. But if I'm spending $200 and still kitchenhacking, I'd rather start with a pair of Via Toy Box cubes and bases.


How To: Build a Play Kitchen from Ikea Components []
Play kitchen for under $200 [ikeahacker]

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I made my entire "adult" kitchen with Ivar cabinets.

Painted it white, added some posh hand knobs and called it a day

Talking about a kitchen on a budget.

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