July 17, 2008

Bugaboo "Event!" 2007 Cameleons 20% Off At Amazon/Right Start


Here's something you don't see [from a company that's not going bankrupt] everyday: a "sales event" from Amazon and Right Start, where "select Bugaboo Cameleons" are 20% off. So instead of $859 or $899, they're just $719 or $749. [The all-denim is $789.]

Looking to see what has been "selected," it seems that they're all 2007 models, with either red or denim bases. This must be to make room [sic] for the new models, which have the solid, more Bee-like adjustable handle.

As a pusher of the OG Cameleon, I'd say the one thing that bugs about it is getting the screw-tight handle even on each side. And if it's torqued, the whole rig pulls to one side. Whether fixing that is worth $150-180 to you or not, only you can say.

Bugaboo Cameleons 20% off through July 31 at Right Start/Amazon [amazon]


I just picked up a 2007 Chameleon from a local store for 20% off because they were getting rid of them for the new models. We had the choice of any color, though, since the fabrics are the same for the new model.

I just wanted to pipe in that the hand brake on our 2007 bugaboo broke and bugaboo sent us a replacement 2008 chassis for free. Its awesome but the original wasn't 20%.

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