June 11, 2008

Vintage Barbapapa Doll: How You Say, "Mangy"?


Sometimes vintage is truly the best: like with furniture. And sometimes, it ain't: like, uh, with gnarly, black-furred, stuffed dolls from popular 1970's French children's book series.

Better to buy your Barbapapa plush dolls and fondue pots new, like on eBay, where you'll have a better chance of ex-France delivery than on Amazon.

vintage Barbouille Barbapapa doll in Grenoble [formlibre.com]
Search for Barbapapa toys and stuff on eBay France [ebay.fr]


He's um indeed furry. Which reminds me of a character in that Cartoon Network show I'm watching before. I just can't quite don't remember the title. lol!

Captain caveman?

If the photo were focused just a *little* better, I think you could see the crabs.


Hey Grimace, lay off the meth.

[lolololol -ed.]

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