June 1, 2008

Peter Simensky's Plywood Milk Crates For Artware


I forgot another great find from ICFF, but then catching up with the latest from the premier milkcrate lifestyle blog, Milkcrate Digest, reminded me. Pittsburgh artist Lacey Volk had made a plywood version of a milkcrate, which was nice.

But it was surpassed both technically and conceptually by Peter Simensky's Collector, a hand-made, plywood milkcrate created in a limited edition for Artware, which functions as sort of a foundry for functional artist objects. Introduced last winter at Art Basel Miami Beach, Collector is "intended to function as a blank canvas for the creative act of collecting."

At $1,500 each, you will want to put only your rarest vinyl in these things, though.

Collector by Peter Simensky
edition of 100, $1,500
Each crate is signed and numbered by the artist.
Previously from Artware Editions: Gerhard Richter carpet

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