February 15, 2007

Holy Smokes, Actual Gerhard Richter Carpet


Rugs by artists are not new, but there are a couple of outfits now commissioning contemporary artists to design rugs and carpets. This Gerhard Richter carpet, though, I gotta say, I wouldn't have thought it. But sure enough, there it is, at Artware Editions. Looks awesome, and I'd roll it out in a second. It'd beat an alphabet floor any day. These are some of my favorite Richter paintings ever [other than the monochrome grey ones, which, coincidentally, frequently look like carpet already.]

Given that similar paintings now sell for in the mid-seven figures, I was kind of hoping the carpet was wool. At $130/yard, I'd kind of expect it. Turns out it's nylon, "100%".

Gerhard Richter Carpet, $130/yard, 5-yard minimum order [artwareeditions.com]
Previously: Pixel, Gerhard Richter by way of Zutano


that photo is woozy-making. you know there is also a lisa yuskavage shower curtain that is quite nice, i think at artware, if they are the ones on 11th nr Washington.

[the shower curtain's produced by Art Production Fund -ed.]

There's a bathroom in a hotel near Times Square that is tiled like this. It made for a very clausterphobic little stall. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the hotel...it was tres chic and had a really swanky lobby if that helps...

[Good call. The Paramount. The bathrooms on the west end of the mezzanine. No changing tables. -ed.]

At 10 cents per square inch, this better be the nicest nylon carpet ever made.
To do my living room alone would be about $4000, without installation. Ouch.

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