May 16, 2008

Eyes On The Bjorn

The stroller's in the trunk, so I broke out the Bjorn for the first time to run some errands this morning. Once again, I'm reminded that strapping a happy baby to your chest can give a man new-found appreciation for the eye contact that we so unthinkingly deny the well-breasted female citizens of our towns.

It's a travel day for me; I'll check back in this evening.


With my daughter in the backpack I always feel like women are staring at my left ear as they walk by.

My eyes are right here, ladies. Here.

Backpacking Dad,
I can relate to this when using the Deuter.

Yet Greg,
When using the Bjorn I'll have to plead the 5th!

I have carried all my kids. Get a Mei Tei. Got one from Don't worry, they have lots that won't make you feel like less of a man.
They are the most comfortable I have found.

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