May 6, 2008

Amazon's BPA-Free Baby Store, Now 33% BPA-Freer!

bpa_free_baby_amazon.jpgOn Friday, Jeremiah at Z-Recs reported that Amazon had launched a BPA-Free Baby store--which included several products that were not, you know, actually BPA-free.

[Z-Recs knows from BPA; they have been building an exhaustive product list, cross-referenced with manufacturer information, of the BPA content of hundreds of baby products.]

Then yesterday, Amazon took down the store altogether. Today, though, it's back up, and expanded, and minus the toxic products Z-Recs flagged. It looks OK now, but Z-Recs asks tough questions about how much consumers can rely on retailers--including a major retailer like Amazon--to police products for safety and health risks.

Personally, before Z-Recs' list came along, I checked for BPA by looking to see whether Amazon would ship a product to Europe or Canada. If it contains BPA, it'd be listed as "Currently, item can be shipped only within the US." Like our Playtex Ventaire bottles here:


BPA-Free Baby at Amazon [amazon] Launches "BPA-Free Baby" Shop: Buyer Beware [zrecs]

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Not sure if Amazon is blocking stuff sent to Canada because of BPA - a majority of the stuff on Amazon can't be shipped to Canada anyway... you can't buy diapers, a digital camera or iPod from them and have it shipped up here either...

[oh. well, as soon as they reopen NAFTA, we'll see about *that*. I hope this doesn't mean my razors and salsa have been sporting French labels for *no* reason all these years... -ed.]

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