February 8, 2008

Dia De Los Muertos Skull Shirt By Fooey


This cool skull t-shirt is on sale for a seemingly ridiculous $10-12, for infants and toddlers, assuming I didn't just buy the last one.

Fooey has some other interesting designs, too; and they seem worth watching to see what comes next. Now that all that "Madonna's kid wore our stuff!!" nonsense is safely behind them.

Fooey, on sale at the moment [fooeyusa.com via moderncraft]


Awesome shirt, but damn, all they have is baby, toddler and adult sizes. I was ready to buy a couple for my nearly three year old daughter and nearly five year old son.

'You ever see Coop's onesie?

His online ordering was down last I knew...nope! Back up...got one.

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