January 22, 2008

VW Routan: "Genuine Dick Ship" To Debut At Chicago Auto Show

While trying to find out details of the new 50-state VW TDi Jetta launch, I stumbled across this bit of news about the new VW Routan, the highly unpromising joint venture minivan which is basically a rebadged Chrysler T&C. Until I hear otherwise from an actual German speaker, I will take this Google translation as exactly what it sounds like:

Der Siebensitzer würde mit mehr als fünf Metern Länge in Deutschland als echtes Dickschiff durchgehen – in den USA heißt ein Familienfahrzeug dieser Größe Mini-Van.

The seven [seater] would be more than five meters in length in Germany as a genuine Dick ship through - in the USA is a family vehicle of this size mini-van.

And for this, they killed the new microbus concept. The Dick Ship sets sail Feb. 6 at the Chicago Auto Show.

Routan für Ami-Familien [autobild.de, google translation]


Dickschiff means fat boat/ship.

Yeah, it's kinda Beavis and Butthead humor. "Dick" which means fat, and on a side note "Schmuck", which you see often on magazines on stores, which means jewels (thus the "family jewels).

[heh he said butt -ed.]

these are great... but my fav has got to be the dutch word for shopping cart -- winkelwagen. put's a smile on my face everytime i say it.

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