December 19, 2007

Dad Beats Son Black & Blue Over Pink Nail Polish

Does anything say "conflicted about one's sense of masculinity" quite like beating the crap out of your seven-year-old son when you find him wearing pink nail polish?

Then again, does anything say "likely to get taunted as a kid for being named after a Jackson, and then take it out on your son" like being named Aundre Jermaine?

[update: the kid is not his son?]

Police: Man Beat Boy For Putting Pink Fingernail Polish On Nails [ via towleroad]

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A horrible story on many levels. But a quick correction - I don't know that the guy is the boy's father. The last I read his relationship with the child had yet TBD. In any case, I don't think I like him.

[yeah, re-reading that, it's not clear. which makes it even weirder, no? -ed.]

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