October 8, 2007

See-Through Predator Plush

See-through Predator from robertogreco on Vimeo.

Bwahaha, medical ethics and bodily integrity implications aside, this is awesome. See-Through Predator is a wolf whose teeth were removed so he wouldn't bite his prey, and whose stomach was replaced with a see-through membrane so they could be rescued again. As seen in this Discovery Plush Channel-worthy video posted by Roberto Greco.

Plush maker Lizette Greco works with Grecolaborativo [aka, her husband and their two kids] to create their plush designs. The kids do the drawings and the stories, the parents do the fabricating from reused materials [and the video-ing. A dad's camerawork is never done. Or at least his uploading work.]


Dude, just click through the galleries--or the flickr stream--there is some really fun, awesome stuff. Greco +Co. also do commissions, in case there are any major gift-giving occasions on the horizon...

Lizette Greco [lizettegreco.com]
See-through Predator photoset on flickr [flickr via spookydaddy]


Yikes... just reading the headline before coffee this morning, I assumed that the promotional machine for Alien Vs. Predator 2 went overboard...

[I wish. or I'll look. brb. -ed.]

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