October 8, 2007

Portland Port Onesie* From Born Baby


In case you never realized it--and I didn't, because I don't speak Tlingit--Portland means "Land of Ports."

Why this Babe [pronounced bay-bee: long a, long e] bodysuit with a marine port-looking graphic on is called PDX, the abbreviation for the Portland airport, though, is a mystery to me. Still, it's pretty cool.

Oh, and what the hey, it's Columbus Day. Can't we celebrate by relaxing our trademark corsets a bit? They don't call it that, but there's an Eames Lounge Onesie for sale, too.

pdx snapsuit, lounge snapsuit, $22/each [bornbabe.com, via coolmompicks, who hits the nail on the head: "and holy hell do we see a lot of baby onesies". she also has a born babe discount code, limited time only.]

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portlanders frequently use the airport code as an identification/abbreviation for the city itself, not just the airport.

[aha. thanks. so what's that a picture of, then? A famous plane de-icer or loading dock landmark of some sort? -ed.]

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