October 8, 2007

Official Pine Car Freshner Halloween Costume


Not like all those knockoff pine tree car freshener [sic] costumes you've been seeing around town. This may have Martha Stewart's turkey costume beat on both the unlikelihood and creepy hilarity fronts.

Little Trees Car Freshner Costume - Infant, $26.99 [buycostumes.com via swissmiss]
Previously: Get into my belly: Martha Stewart Turkey Costume


I love that one, but we're going with the "pea in a pod" for our newborn. It's the awesomest.

Darn. If only that had been around last Halloween. Not that our girl wasn't a stunning lobster.

Wait around long enough, and your little baby air freshener will probably emit a not so fresh scent. Roll down the windows.

you can get that costume here for $24.99 if you wish. Imagine sending your kid to school in this one.

[too bad the toilet costume's out of stock. -ed.]

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