October 1, 2007

Are Crafters The New Carnies?


Seems like we missed the Crafty Bastards Craft Fair down in DC yesterday. For a second, I thought I should be bummed, but then I realized there are about 10,000 edgy craft fairs popping up all over the country these days, all of which seem to have at least a couple of stuffed squid makers, some adorable Gocco'd Onesies, several rather Little Ninja-esque characters--and My Paper Crane.

I just imagine a giant caravan of indie crafters, their Passat wagons stuffed [heh] with polyester fill and safety eyes, driving from Columbus to Pittsburgh to DC to Brooklyn, with strategically timed UPS shipments of new plushstaches waiting at each venue.

It's like a vegan San Gennaro Festival, or the street fair mafia. If any of you crafters have even a shred of irony, I expect to see some tube sock monkeys for sale before Plush You! 3 in Seattle next week.

Crafty Bastards Vendor Gallery [washingtoncitypaper.com]
Some toy&clothes highlights [sic]: Cotton Monster; Incredibly Thin; MagpieDC; Squidfire; Spooky Daddy [about whom more soon]

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it's true! there are a lot of new "virtual indie craft fair" websites popping up too, like http://poppytalkhandmade.com

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