September 27, 2007

Manhattan Couple Celebrates The Miracle Of Square Footage

robohm_nyt.jpgHow does Joyce Wadler find these people? The NY Times Home section has the renovation fairy tale of the extremely handy drummer Mark Robohm, who gut-renovated his 400-sq ft Chelsea studio for $11,500 while living in it.

Now he and his partner Susan Doucette are expecting a baby in December. The kid'll live in the apartment, too:

Their baby is due at the end of December. What happens then?

“We’re actively looking for square footage for this apartment,” Mr. Robohm said.

Ms. Doucette said: “The baby will sleep with us first. Then Mark will build a cradle-changing table-toy chest, like a 16-in-1 baby station.”

Mr. Robohm said, “This kid will be in the cradle till he’s 18.”

Ms. Doucette, prioritizing, said, “We need a diaper service and a cradle.”

Her partner said, “We can make a person — we must be able to make some square footage.”

Can't wait to see that 16-in-1.

Don't skip the audio slideshow:Living in Dust: Gut Renovation on the Cheap [nyt]

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What ever happened to the 250 square foot apartment people? Have they moved to Tarrytown yet?

[it's like Wadler's serialized soap opera, only every story is set in a wacked out house. -ed.]

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