September 27, 2007

DT Retail Wholesale Scoutabout: Dwell, Offi

What: Sample and overstock sale for Dwell and Dwellbaby
When: Oct. 4 to 11, 11-7 each day
Where: 76 Greene St [near Spring]
How much: 60-80% off retail. Crib sets that were $352-390 will be $60-160. Wow. [via nyt]

What: Offi at wholesale prices??
When: No idea, but the post just went up the other day.
How: I have no freakin' idea, but apparently, Mamaspeaks has somehow eliminated the middleman for readers--not interlopers, mind you, just readers, so head into the archives before placing your order.

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Which city is 76 Greene St located in?

[d'oh, sorry, NYC. -ed.]

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