September 24, 2007

A DT Fill In The Blank Contest: My Name Is _____! I Like To ____!



I've been looking for a way to honor the awesomest member so far in the Yo Gabba Gabba! Dance Club ["My name is Nathaniel! I like to dance!"], and John gave me the perfect idea in the My name is OJ! I like to steal! post.

So fill in the blanks in the comments with your own "My name is [someone]! I like to [something]!" idea. Tuesday morning, Oct. 2, [update] Thursday night one entrant will be selected at random from the valid email addresses in the comments to win...something Yo Gabba Gabba-ish, I don't know what yet, but it'll probably be one-of-a-kind/homemade, since the toys aren't out yet, and anyway, they're like $125.[update: whoa, it's an awesome kid's shirt, or it will be. I'll post pics. [note: email addresses in comments aren't published, and they won't be used for anything besides notifying the winner of the contest.]

Try to keep it safe for kids who know how to read, I guess [which means if it's sketchy, just make sure it's over their heads]. Multiple ideas are welcome, but each person only gets one drawing entry. Have fun!

[Oh yeah, and Nathaniel rocks out at the beginning of Episode 6, Happy, right after the slimy worm babysitting thing. Seriously, does that kid have an agent?]


My name is Jennifer! I like to obsess over Dutch strollers!

"My name is Alexi! I like to Rock!"

My name is Mary! I like to Kvetch!

My name is George! I like to grill!

My name is Karen! I like to read Daddytypes while I should be working on my overdue thesis!

My name is Regis! I like to schmooze!

My name is Elmo! I like lead paint!

My name is Dada! I like to play with my daughter's toys!

My name is Karen and I like to knit!

My name is Kelli! and I like to lurk!

My Name Is Baby! I Like To Cry!

My Name is Elsa! I like to three four five six seven eight nine ten yellow!

[i can't wait until the kid turns yellow. -ed.]

My name is Brittney! I like to party, y'all!

My name is Ainsley! I like to stare at bright lights (probably damaging my vision)!

My name is Todd! I like to bang on the drum all day!

My name is Tatyana! I like to eat potatoes, noodles and tomatoes!

Yahoo: "Russian woman's 12th baby weighs in at 7.75 kg"

My name is Isaac! I like to grouse!

My name is mama! I like to SLEEP!

(the above two are sort of a call-and-response)

We're all over the My Name Is... meme at our house. I can also report from experience that the So Yummy! song does not belong in the parental bedroom.

My name is Mike! I like to revise curricula!

My name is Gawker. I like to hate on your kid's cheese.

My name is Cheese! I like gouda. Do you?

oops. i forgot the "to."

My name is Cheese. I like to eat gouda. Do you?

My name is Andy! I like to use exclamation points!

My name is anonymous! I like to leave nasty comments on blogs!

My name is Daddy, I like to type :-)

My name is Mama and I like to nurse, diaper, entertain (repeat).

Or, so I keep telling myself

My Name's Naomi! I Like To Google!
(cool kids' stuff)

My name is Frances! I like my pantses!

My name is Maryaaaa!!! I like to enter contests at the last minute!!!

My name is Kaely! I like to sleep late!

My name is Tom! I like to throw!

My name is Randy! I like to catch!

My name is Bill! I like to videotape!

(MNF on at our house..)

[My name is Wilpon! I like to mope! (Mets crash n burn still on at our Yankee house) -ed.]

My name is Godzilla, I like to break it down.

my name is claire! i like to heal!
my name is hiro! i like to blink!
my name is mohinder! i like to look soulful!
my name is bennet! i like to make copies! (wait, no i don't)
my name is nathan! i like to look like abe lincoln!
my name is peter! my name is peter?

(my name is marjorie! i like to embrace my own television addictions!)

My name is Evander! I also like to grill!

My name is Amber! I like to clap! (i just learned how and now i cant stop)

My name is Aidan! I like to sit on cats!

My name is Cindy! I like all the things i like!

My name is Uma! I like to have pictures of my ample bosom posted on blogs!

[whew, glad to finally have that in writing! -ed.]

My name is Rudy! I like to 9-11!

[no kidding. -ed.]

my name is spooky daddy! i like to sew monsters!

[dude, my name is greg! I'd like to stop checking out your flickr photos and get back to freakin' work, but I can't because they're so awesome! -ed.]

My name is Renton! I like talking to myself!

my name is jennifer. i like to live vicariously through my child.

(but then i realize that good wine and some nookie hold so much more weight! but then perhaps im torn again because my child is oblivious to war and hate. its a tough call)

My names NiaNig! I like to watch asians suffer

My name is Alexis, i like to smash the elderly into car windsheilds!

My name is Dar Dar! I like to spoon with my underage students.

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