September 14, 2007

No Heavy Wonderpetting

The other day as we were walking out of a friend's birthday party, another dad asked me what the Wonderpets' names actually were, because his daughter thought they were something different. I'm like, "I have no idea, but I can look it up."

Then last night at dinner, the kid starts insisting we sing together: "Winnie, SUCK, and Ming Ming, too!"

And I'm all, "Kiddo, I can be about 100% certain it is not 'Suck'."

And she's all, "It IS SUCK! SUCK! It's SUCK!"

So now we're looking for a new pan-Asian restaurant for a little while, a few weeks at least.


names? they have names?
oh fer heavens sake now I have to go look it up!

Linny and Ming Ming

this is serious.

My Pumpkin and her friend were playing the other day (they're both about 3) and all of a sudden, they started bagging on another of their friends, who's only 2--they were singing the Wonderpets theme, and then they go, "[She] says 'Numberpets,'" and they start laughing their heads off.

[it's so adorable when they get all "lord of the flies" on the little ones, isn't it? -ed.]

It is Tuck and she said Suck? So she got the first letter wrong... I guess it could have been worse...

[indeed. She's been playing this rhyming game, where she'll start randomly scrolling through new first letters on a word. -ed.]

Am I the only one that is terrified by the Wonderpets? They're nearly as trippy as the teletubbies...yech!

My daughter insists that DJ Lance(Yo Gabba Gabba) is named TJ Maxx.

[that didn't take long -ed.]

Actually, shouldn't it be:

"This is sewious"

And if that kid wants to call it "suck", I say go with G-d my child.

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