August 16, 2007

Another White House Intern Scores! Jenna Bush Set To Marry Baby Daddy


Congratulations to former Karl Rove intern Henry Hager [above, top] and Jenna Bush [above, bottom, obviously], who have discovered that pre-marital sex is not, after all, a faith-based program. The couple's engagement--and so far, only their engagement--was announced today by First Grandmother-to-be, Laura Bush's office.

The date of the wedding has not been set, but I think the telephoto evidence at Wonkette suggests early October, with an over/under of about six weeks. Update: Did I say October?? That Elmo photo-op is from May; I think the wedding'll be here before the Petraeus Report.

How Pregnant Is Jenna Bush?
Previously: Jenna and Barbara teach Elmo a smoking game and a drinking game


I think having unprotected sex and hoping not to get pregnant is a faith-based initiative, though.

First off *snort* that last comment made me almost spit juice all over the monitor. Good one. :)

Second, I read the article and looked at the pictures, and maybe I don't have an eye for the uber-scientific process of determining pregnancy by "chub factor", "chest size" and clothing style. But, really, she may have just put on a few pounds. And, have you guys looked at Ann Taylor or any store like that (or heck - even Old Navy) lately? Every last top in those stores looks like a maternity top.

She may very well be pregnant, but, with everyone walking down the street in tent tops, if we accused everyone wearing said tops who had put on a little weight since the spring of being pregnant, the list would be pretty long . . .

[i'm very happy to wait it out. -ed.]

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