August 10, 2007

Flickr Dad: It's My Kid In A Bakfiets Baby


Flickr user Hive carried a baby bakfiets home in a bakfiets. Then the baby put the baby holding the baby in the baby bakfiets. [note: it makes plenty of sense in Dutch.]

Bakfiets op Bakfiets; Kinderbakfiets [hive's flickr stream, via hardcore bike nerd andy]


I love the idea of these bakfiets bikes: alternative to cars and just plain cool. But I can't imagine actually riding one (with a kid) around Philly. Maybe in Portland where everyone seems to be happy and nice.

Also, you could buy a perfectly nice, low-mileage used car for the price of a bakfiets. But sure, they're swell, and there's even a dealer here in Vermont. I'm thinking of driving there for a test ride, not buying one, and then driving back.

you could buy a perfectly nice, low-mileage used car for the price of a bakfiets

Perhaps, but the cost of gas, insurance, maintenance and parking just don't compare, and there are also the benefits for greater independence, fitness and the environment.

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