August 5, 2007

Daddy Types Would Like To Thank More Advertisers

A big shoutout to the advertisers who provide us with such useful information about their valuable products and important events and initiatives:

  • Sparkability, purveyor of better things for babies and kids
  • Hyperion Books for Children, publisher of David Horvath's Bossy Bear
  • Oh wait, that's it.

    If you have something important to tell or sell to the daddy types and their entourage types, we'd love to thank you, too. Check out Daddy Types' special August-only adrates. It's like a pre-Labor Day whitespace sale. And despite what it looks like at the moment, supply is, in fact, quite limited.


    If it helps to convince any fence-sitting advertisers out there, I just dropped a couple benjamins at Sparkability because of recommendations here on daddytypes.

    This is a great site!
    I had a bad experience with a lack of changing table at Chili's so I looked around and your site came up when I searched for changing tables in men's rooms.

    I couldn't get on your post about the Apple store so I'm commenting here.

    I thought the flash mob idea is AWESOME!
    I'm moving to Minneapolis and that is definitely going to be a goal of mine. Imagine flash mobing multiple large stores in the city in one day with 50 dad's all going and changing their babies in various locations in the store! I think that would be amazing! Thanks for the idea, be in touch.
    I also blog at more about my daddy experiences.

    Bundlo advertised with Daddy Types and it was a pleasure. Greg is a great guy who is not your average dad/blogger. He's got lots of knowledge (go ahead and quiz him on stroller brands/styles) and his design radar is finely tuned. He's consistently adding great content that is on target and top-notch. If you've got something to advertise to parents, get it up on DT and know you're not only adding value to your brand, but helping support a independent blogger.

    [and thanks to the DT advertisers for advertising for DT -ed.]

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