July 23, 2007

Bug Bee Berkeley: Bugaboo Bee Music Video Now Online


Praise the Lord, and pass the Cirque du Soleil extras, people: the Bugaboo Bee music video is now online, and a chance to see the Bee in motion is the least of its offerings.

Whether it's too [check all that apply] Matthew Barney, Christina Aguilera World Tour '06, Super Bowl Shuffle, or Moulin Rouge or not enough, you have to admit one thing right up front:

This is the single most important stroller promotional video in the history of the world.



Also, that dude in the taxi needs a belt. I can see his drawers.

Coming soon: the cover version performed by 1,500 Philippine prison inmates.

Bugaboo Bee Film [bugaboo.com, thanks to julie in marketing for the deep link]


Wow. And I thought the quinny zapp vids were over the top. This sets a new standard.

I just checked the price of the Bugaboo Bee at mystroller.com. List price is $600 but it on sale for $530. Wha?

[that's BS. the announced price is $529. That site's "regular prices" are totally made up; you'd have to be an chump to buy from someone trying to con you into thinking they're giving you a deal. -ed.]

At $600, I'm waiting for the 2nd generation iPhone stroller.

A very cute video. Well produced. No wonder the stroller is so spendy. Its all about marketing.

Bugaboo, the stroller for all kinds of dads -- short dreads, business casual, sagging, you name it -- as long as they have the money.

Pretty cute, nonetheless.

[yeah capitalism, -ed.]

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