July 16, 2007

Arrr! Detect The Pirated Robeez By Their Awesome Skulls


According to Bobux's own history, which started in 1991, Robeez copied them. [Robeez' history, which begins in 1994, is silent on the subject.] And according to like half a dozen other companies, including scrappy little underdogs like Target, the whole "soft-soled, stay-on, leather baby shoes with elastic around the ankle that kind of look like little body bags" concept is "worthy of re-creation."

At least the punk&rock-loving dad designers at Me In Mind have put awesome little skulls on their shoes to signal their pirate origins. At least I think that's what it means. Meanwhile, they've also mixed in their own unique designs such as the novel "Trucker Girl" [above, right], which might look better on a mudflap or something. Also on tap: checkerboard not-Vans with "vegan construction".

Me-In-Mind Footwear, $26 [me-in-mind.com via the just-launching crib candy spinoff, yokiddo]
Previously: Robeez has a giant Target on its back

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Actually, my mom gave me a pair of the Target shoes at my baby shower because she said they reminded her so much of the soft leather shoes she had for us in the 70's. So...

[oh my hell, everyone DOES knock off vintage designs! -ed.]

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