July 9, 2007

Looks Like It's Going To Be That Kind Of Day

I just put Diet Coke in the kid's sippy cup.


On purpose or on accident? That's the important question.

[true, those are two very different days. it was by accident. -ed.]

What? You thought it was coffee when you poured it?

Also a very different day is the one where you mix in the bacardi with the diet coke.

That takes me back to that story of an Applebees that served a child a top shelf Margarita in a sippy cup. Those are the days that turn out to be either the rockin-est day of your life, or end up at the hospital. Or both.

Our investment advisor gave my daughter a chocolate candy once to keep her happy while we were talking... the kid proceeded to go ballistic, like a bull in a china shop. We managed to get the papers signed etc. and got a few of the candies to take home; I noticed later that some of them were liqueurs, which got me wondering which one the kid had eaten... :)

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