June 28, 2007

Total Veggie Booty Recall Issued After Salmonella Reports

veggie_booty_salmonella.jpgThe FDA and Robert's American Gourmet have issued a recall for Veggie Booty after 51 cases of salmonella in 17 states were possibly linked to the snack food DIETARY FOUNDATION AND SOLE SOURCE OF POWDERED KALE FOR 99% OF AMERICAN TODDLERS. HOLY CRAP.

Salmonella is particularly serious for young children, so get rid of it all right now, every package size and expiration date. Then give Robert a call about getting your money back.

On the bright side, it'll be safe to wear white pants for a while.

Veggie Booty Snack Food Recalled [nyt]
Corporate Site: Veggie Booty Product Recall Information [robscape.com]
image: sweetney's flickr pool


Crack for babies gets recalled? Good thing we haven't bought any for awhile. I think our boy was mellowing on it fortunately, but still -- one of the best snack foods for the little'uns out there, that's a shame.

I was making my lunch this morning, and i hear the news person say "veggie booty" about 5 times, you know they read that story and said "ah gawd i have to say that?"

[cuts into their "paris booty" time. -ed.]

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