June 20, 2007

Star Wars Baby Fun From Celebration IV


The AT-AT stroller mod was apparently just the tip of the Star Wars baby iceberg at Celebration IV a couple of weeks ago. Here's a quick compilation of other photos from various flickr groups:

Not surprisingly, there were lots of official baby costumes:

  • Chewbacca drives a Jeep stroller [henrywagner]
  • R2 gets let out of the Bjorn [rivesjunctionite]
  • Yoda heads, also here [you people really should be crocheting these things, please] [beychua, jod8301]
  • Boba Fett to R2: "I am your brother!" [bonniegrrl, above]
  • Leia to Jango Fett: "I am your mother!" [henrywagner]
  • Normal Leias here and here, no Slave Leia, fortunately [bonniesgrrl, beychua]
  • Imperial Guard in the costume contest [jod8301

    In other SW photo news:

  • There were some single-color screenprint Onesies*, too [henrywagner]
  • Kid trying to get meatballs out of an IKEA-colored R2 unit [henrywagner]


    And while I don't think this was at the Con, shirts off to this proud daddy, for keeping his priorities straight: Daughter, Country, Star Wars. You will definitely want to be clicking through on that one. [thejoshpayton]

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    Yoda Baby Hat? Stop Typing & Start Crocheting!

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    this could be the awesomest post I've seen since becoming a father. AT-AT mod, here i come!

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