May 9, 2007

Sesame Street Fighter: Oscar V. Barney


Your pervasive merchandising drives me crazy, and deep down, I really suspect one of your meta-missions is to help kids develop the skills required to have a deep, personal, lifelong relationship with television itself.

But when Oscar makes totally offhand comments on how scary and/or baffling Slimey's Unnamed Purple Dinosaur costume is, all is forgiven. Take my money and brainwash my child, Children's Television Workshop, I can't stay mad at you.


[note: I know, it's old, but I didn't have a sweet, new flatscreen to take a picture of until now.]

Uh, and I didn't realize there were annotated screencaps for every episode on Muppet Wiki until now, either: Episode 3856: Wormy Gras []


It's still standard def, 4:3.

We need to Democrats back in the White House to restore funding so we can get PBS HD.

[the cable guy comes Fri. with the new HD box. Sprout runs the same damn three shows all week, so I'll upgrade the image later. Still, I want to see Sprout's business model that says a whole network can survive on ads for subprime home equity loans. -ed.]

What channel is Sprout on? I've got Time Warner and i can only seem to find sprout stuff on the kids on demand channel. My son is in love with some annoying welch firefighter show and I wanted to tivo a few episodes.

[we don't have it in NYC, either. only on RCN in DC. -ed.]

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