April 24, 2007

Small Object Kid T-Shirts Turn Cuteness Up To 11


It feels like I just woke up from the cuteness coma brought on by the last objects that showed up around here from Sarah Neuburger's The Small Object . Now her adorable is not only back, it's spreading.

The modcraft-centric Art Star Gallery in Philadelphia has a series of exclusive, limited production, baby and toddler t-shirts, hand-screened with Neuburger's designs.

Tops in my book would be this one, 3 Monsters, which really doesn't need much more explanation.

3 Monsters t-shirt, by The Small Object, $24 at Art Star [artstarphilly.com via dt reader naomi]
Previously: VV Cute Thumbprint ABC Poster [sic]


Sarah is also selling the woodland creatures design in adult tshirts. But its limited and the sale ends Friday.


we can get T-shirts cheap when we buy them online.Recently i had visisted a site for the purpose of buying a bridal t-shirt.Its really good.We can see lot of varities there.

[before I deleted your link, i checked it out; i had no idea you could write so many things on a t-shirt with rhinestones. you stay classy, joseph, your wife is one lucky lady. -ed]

How about this?


You can never be too young to learn to hate the yankees. :^D

[alright, that's funny. Your shameless spam can stay. But seriously, did this post get passed around the Promote Your Random T-shirt listserv or something? -ed.]

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