April 9, 2007

Salvor-Palooza At Cool Hunting, Kiosk, &c.


Cool Hunting just posted a video visit to the studio of Salvor designer Ross Menuez. Turns out the company's named after his daughter and muse [well, her middle name, anyway. It's Icelandic.]


When it came out a couple of years ago, the Salvor Fauna collection of silkscreened kid's t-shirts and stuffed animal pillows brought a breath of photorealistic fresh air to the kidsclothingscape. Design Public has Salvor Fauna goods, ranging from $35-99.


Menuez is also busy making purses and bags, and he's involved with Kiosk, a great showroom/store in SoHo that scours a particular country every few months for great, non-flashy, often anonymously designed objects. Until July, the country is Germany, which means there are beautiful, simple, and natural toys designed by Hugo K├╝kelhaus and made by the mentally handicapped residents of Haus Hohenfried in Bavaria somewhere. Also, in case you think I'm being too prudish and self-righteous in the Maria Marshall post below, there are chocolate cigarettes in great, American Spirit-looking packs.

Ross Menuez, Salvor [CoolHunting]
Kiosk [kioskkiosk.com]
Salvor at Design Public [designpublic.com]

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The t-shirts are awesome, but $35USD.. ouchie.

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