January 27, 2007

Five Days Left In Amazon's $99/30 Huggie's Kickback Scheme

Just a reminder to the non-cloth, non-flushable, non-Pampers, non-treehuggers out there: Amazon's offer of a $30 instant refund on a $99 Huggie's order expires 1/31.

True, you'll have to take the Hummer out of the garage to make room for the delivery--and your UPS guy'll curse you under his breath--but don't come crying to me about it; I'll be too busy dreaming up ways to spend my $4.36.

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also on amazon, ending 1.31, is a promotion for select seventh generation products (diapers and wipes included). spend $99, instantly get $20 off (not an amazon credit toward future purchase). now all you need to do is find room to storw 4 cases of diapers

[d'oh, I'd rather be promoting 7th Gen, frankly, lesser of three evils and all... thanks for the heads up -ed.]

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