December 29, 2006

All I Got For Christmas

Tis the season for coming clean. Daddy Types policy is to decline freebies and pay-for-play swaps of product and coverage. With the exception of all the cars mentioned on this site, no one can buy their way into Daddy Types' editorial hearts [Yes, Mercedes, there's still hope for you. B200 Turbo, Comet Grey Metallic.]

But if someone were to send a Christmas present, well, only a scrooge would send it back. So thanks to the following folks for giving me just what I didn't know I was asking for:

  • Tuss, the awesome minimalist kids clothing line from Sweden, who took a guess at the kid's size and sent her her first little black dress. [previously]
  • kpr, publicists for Bugaboo USA, who sent a new, reflective mesh sun shade for the Cameleon, [previously]
  • Bugaboo USA themselves, who sent along--wait, can this be real??--a Bugaboo Cup Holder?? It's like it's Christmas every day! [previously, and before that]

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