October 26, 2006

Ewok In A Bugaboo

ewok in a bugaboo

I am slammed with work, just as we're ramping up to that crazy Halloween season, that brief, brief window where parents are able to their kid up in whatever they want with no input or grief from the kid.

And thus, we see DT reader Jenny's little ewok [as if there were any other kind], rocking her camo Bugaboo.

Don't get your hopes up, though, for a camo Bugaboo cover. That turns out to be a "dress [they] found at Zeller's." Not knowing what a camo dress OR a Zeller is, I'm kind of lost, but it definitely completes the look.

1 Comment

Zeller's is the closest thing to Target in Canada, but I suspect you're just joshing..

[I know Tom Waits, or whatever that donut/coffee shop is called, but that's it. -ed.]

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