October 15, 2006

DT Namewatch #4: Reader Rite-in Roundup

  • Keene [via annette]
  • Razi [via david]
  • Yana [via ana & sergei]
  • Constance Arden ["but we call her Coco," via shana]
  • Oak (boy)
  • Antonella (girl)
  • Kirin (boy)
  • Ellis (girl)
  • Nana (girl)
  • Zidan (boy) [all via jennifer]
  • Dorian Zev ["it means 'wolf' in Hebrew" via christy]
  • Isadora [jeremy: "we call her Izze for short", via]


    Nana is my aunt's nickname!!

    I wanted Isadora for our daughter! It was a no-go with my husband. (We settled on Louisa.)

    Kirin is a beer. Interesting choice of spelling. Why not Kieran?


    [in addition to the mythological Chinese kirin on the beer label, it's also Japanese for 'giraffe.' Maybe they're going with the full-on Japanese pronounciation: key-reen, who knows? -ed.]

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