September 26, 2006

P&T Update: Survival Of The Hippest?

Phil & Teds Survival of the Hippest

Uh, yeah, so I thought I'd dig around a bit to see what the "Phil & Teds: Survival of the Hippest" things were I saw in Las Vegas and, well--it's currently on the splash page of the P&T site. [Who was it who said bloggers never do any journalistic legwork?]

Despite a title that sounds ripe for a good ol' fashioned NY Magazine-style takedown, P&T:SotH is a pretty straightforward, if slightly breathless, company brochure. Enjoy.

Phil & Teds: Survival of the Hippest []


Woah! They have really taken a turn in the last year, huh? We considered the e3 when the kid was born, but opted for the mountain buggy was lighter and had a more straight forward, simpler design.

I've seen a bunch more around town, too, now that the bugaboo has become commonplace.

I like the idea of the tow&go. It's hard to take transit with the buggy. It folds nice, but what do you do with the kid? If only they could make the GT change into the tow&go and also mod it to work as a back pack...that you be the ultimate system.

My favourite is their "When you become a pusher out on the streets" line. Cracked me up! (sorry, pun intended!).

We have an E3, it really is a fantastic stroller but it is very heavy - be interesting to see how this aluminium one will be. I still tend to switch to a Maclaren in town, but the E3 has no substitute on the beach or on our rural footpaths.

It's a nice site overhaul - long overdue. I have seen many more of them out on the streets (compared to 14months ago when we bought ours), and they even have them in our local scummy Mothercare! I DON'T like the bright green one!

[this is just so sad. what can we do to keep these poor creatures from ending up out on the streets? -ed.]

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