September 19, 2006

While Marlin Waits In The River, Marcus Wrestles The Squirming Baby In The Minivan


Marcus Melnick's wife wouldn't let him wear his favorite 17-pocket vest on safari to Jamaica because "it made him look like a tourist."

But that all changed when he realized it could also function as a masculine diaper bag substitute. We all know there's nothing more irresistible than a dad taking care of his kid; what could she do? Now he wears that badboy everywhere, and he sells it--since redubbed the Tactical Daddy--on eBay and on his site, The Melnick Conglomerate.

jim_fowler_wild_kingdom.jpg tactical_daddy_demo.jpg
l: Jim Fowler in a much earlier, 4-pocket version. r: the Tactical Daddy

Now, with the Tactical Daddy, you'll never have to worry about looking funny carrying a diaper bag again.

The Tactical Daddy Diaper Vest is regularly priced at $69-79, but is on sale, $10 off, for a limited time only. [ via i hate snaps]
ILLINOIS STYLE: Father designs masculine version of diaper bag [ via dt reader jj-daddy]

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