September 19, 2006

FLASH: Everyone Who Should Has Now Spawned...

...And we've started on the next batch.

At least that's the message I got when I read that Vice Magazine co-founder and skank-in-chief Gavin McInnes and his wife have had a lovely, be-goggled baby girl. Congratulations and welcome to Sophie Whiterabbit, who I believe is named after either an American Indian ancestor or someone from The Matrix.

God Allows 'Vice' Co-founder To Breed
Previously: two placenta recipes from Vice Magazine [see?]
the LEAST warped photo in Vice Magazine [see??]


Or the character from Alice in Wonderland?

Gawker uses the word "grup". For that, I think the bible prescribes stoning. (or maybe Strunk and White does)

[but what if "grup" is limited solely to Vice editors? Somehow, it seems fitting. -ed.]

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